Facilitating the development of vibrant, healthy communities of faith engaged in sharing God’s light, love and hope with their neighbors.

Communities of Hope carries out its charitable mission by facilitating processes that will move congregations and other faith communities from places of tension and conflict to vibrant communities of authentic and healthy relationships that are better equipped to address change and transformation; from places of self-directed leadership to communities of discernment and discovery that is open to God’s direction for being and serving; and, from congregations focused on self-preservation to collaborative communities of faith working together to more effectively and positively serve their neighbors and overall community.

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Building Healthy Community

Healthy communication, authentic relationships, and conflict transformation are core components of our services to communities of faith, all aimed at building up the Body of Christ.

Lay Leadership Development

Communities of Hope is uniquely qualified to assist in developing programs for the nurture and growth of spiritual lay leadership.

Executing Mission and Goals

Communities of Hope works with you to develop vision, mission, values, goals, and plans for effectively participating in God’s work in the world.

Engaging in Community

We work with faith communities across denominations to help in the formation of ecumenical collaborations for delivering more impactful community outreach.

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Process Consulting, Leadership Development, and Transformational Strategy Formulation for Faith Communities Seeking Renewal and Hope